We’re Think-it

A bit about who we are…


Think-it is a digital agency offering unique solutions for eCommerce, web development and digital automated marketing. We’re a group of regular people with a passion for the web, multimedia and design.

We won’t take you out to elaborate lunches or dinners, instead we’ll stop by a local restaurant to eat, grab a beer or the occasional martini.

Local Team

We know our clients names, understand their business and become part of their process. You’ll get “us” when you need something or have a problem.

Uniquely Different

We’re unique, just like our clients. Bold, Creative and Dedicated. We want awesome clients like you that like the way we work and who we are. We welcome someone to find another company that offers our services with the level of personalized customer service and attention to detail, but you won’t find it. 


Our mission is to build a digital presence that is sustainable, beautiful and manageable for the long haul. We don’t have all the answers, but together we’ll figure it out.

We’re just like your neighbor and maybe we’ve even passed on the streets of Philadelphia. 

If you do make sure you say, hello.



Our Story

Over 15 years ago two bright eyed and eager entrepreneurs, Jan and Dave, created Ink-IT Digital assuming there had to be a better way to build and manage eCommerce platforms. As our company grew so did our passion for everything internet. We soon found ourselves working on apps, dashboards, eCommerce logistics, affiliate programs, SEO and pay-per-click campaigns. 

We continued to innovate, constantly improving to provide unique custom solutions to our wide range of customers.

As our company grew we moved around Philadelphia from Northern Liberties to South Street and found ourselves expanding the services we offer focusing on digital marketing and planning. 

Most recently we pivoted again to expand our digital marketing team and services to include marketing automation. To spearhead this initiative we brought on a new partner, Jon Ristaino. Jon brings new energy and insight that greatly impacts the services we can provide. 

We’re excited about the future and new technology we can offer our clients.


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